Roseanne Says Chuck Lorre Stole Her Joke for ‘Two and a Half Men’

Over the last three days, Roseanne Barr has been tweeting up a storm about Two and a Half Men creator stealing a joke from her standup act and using it on the show, in a line delivered by Ashton Kutcher. Barr heard about how Thursday’s episode of Men had Kutcher say a line about a 91-year-old woman (“I’d imagine that you’re wet in the places you used to be dry, and dry in the places you used to be wet.”), which bears a strong resemblance to a line about menopause she’s been using in her act since at least 2006 (“I’m wet where I’m supposed to be dry and dry where I’m supposed to be wet.”). She goes as far as to threaten suing Lorre and calls him, “a thief, a con, and a classist asshole.” Lorre, CBS, and Kutcher, who she also calls out despite him jus being an actor on the show, have yet to respond.

Barr eventually followed her comments up with, “I forgive Ashton and Chuck! It’s prob one of their writer’s fault!” before continuing to tweet about the issue. She also accused producers Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner of stealing a real-life story about her adopted daughter for an episode of Grace Under Fire, which was also created by Lorre.

Check out Roseanne Barr’s tweets about Chuck Lorre below:























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