Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

'The Simpsons' Will Kill Off Another Character This Season; Who Will it Be?

The Simpsons premiered its 25th season on Sunday night, but the show hasn't completely settled in its ways. In a recent phone conference, executive producer Al Jean told reporters that another regular character will be killed off this year:

"I'll give you a clue that the actor playing the character won an Emmy for playing that character, but I won't say who it is," Jean said cagily.

The show hasn't been shy about killing off characters in the past; most notably, Maude Flanders met her demise in 2000's "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily."

But Jean's clue doesn't give much away about the identity of the soon-to-be-deceased Springfield resident, as the show has won 14 Emmys for its voiceover work in the past (and since so many actors do multiple voices, those 14 cover 24 Simpsons characters). Recently, one of the most talked about characters has been Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, who was the subject of a piece by Totally Biased writer Hari Kondabolu last year about the representation of Indians on TV. The clip gained so much traction that Hank Azaria, who voices Apu (and has won a few Emmys for doing so), addressed the matter recently in this Huffington Post article entitled "Is It Time To Retire Apu?"

Below, a list at all of the show's wins for "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance." Let the speculation begin!

2010 – Anne Hathaway, as Princess Penelope

2009 – Dan Castellaneta, as Homer Simpson

2006 – Kelsey Grammer, as Sideshow Bob

2004 – Dan Castellaneta, as Homer, Krusty the Clown, Willie, Sideshow Mel, Barney, Grampa, Itchy

2003 – Hank Azaria, as Moe, Carl, Chief Wiggum, Apu, Johnny Tightlips, Bumblebee Man, Cletus

2001 – Hank Azaria, as Apu, Comic Book Guy, Carl, Lou, Police Chief Wiggum, Moe

1998 – Hank Azaria, as Apu

1993 – Dan Castellaneta, as Homer Simpson

1992 – Dan Castellaneta, as Homer and Grampa Simpson (and others)

1992 – Marcia Wallace, as Mrs. Krabappel

1992 – Yeardley Smith, as Lisa Simpson

1992 – Julie Kavner, as Marge

1992 – Jackie Mason, as Rabbi Krustofsky

1992 – Nancy Cartwright, as Bart Simpson

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  • http://twitter.com/doggans doggans

    I'm guessing Sideshow Bob, but I'm hoping not.

  • sjobs

    The safest bet I think is Grandpa, just because he's old and it might be a way for the show to re-start itself in a way. Grandpa's death would probably be the most "refreshing" to the series, since he's a family member.

    Apu is a possibility but I don't see it because there doesn't seem to be much point, and he and his wife have all those kids. It just seems cruel to leave her like that.

    Perusing the Emmy list, Mrs. Krabappel also seems like a good possibility. A lot of her story lines don't involve Bart/school anymore. It's all about her and Flanders and the chemistry isn't there. And it might be ironically funny that two of Flander's wives have died.

    • Stuie299

      The Simpsons don't really like to make big changes. Other than Maude dieing and of course Phil Hartman's death there haven't been too many serious changes. My guess is that its a safer less important character like Rabbi Krustofski, Jhonny Tightlips, Comic Book Guy, or Bumblebee Man.

  • Ben Tan

    Someone like Princess Penelope or Rabbi Krustofsky. I'd be shocked if they had the stones to kill a major recurring character.

  • zen weapons

    I remember a few years ago Fox was hyping that a character would die in the episode and yet no one did, does anyone recall this? It might have been a Milhouse episode

  • NoPantsMcLane

    Mrs. Krabappel just because she is with Ned now.

  • kimba2488

    I'd say Grampa or Barney because they're characters that wouldn't necessarily have to be replaced with another character within the society of Springfield. If you kill off Moe, you have to find a new character to run the bar. If you kill of Chief Wiggum, there needs to be a new police chief. Krusty, they need to figure out who will host the show that the kids watch now and if Sideshow Mel moved up to replace him, well I guess Mr. Teeny would have to take over as second banana (ape themed wordplay intended). Grampa and Barney are two characters who could easily be lifted out and it wouldn't shut down Springfield.

  • Matt


  • What is going on

    seriously why does anybody even care about this

  • mister guybrush

    How come there are 6 Emmys for 1992?

  • bababa

    I say itchy. They wouldn't kill off anyone major and if they did, it'd be Barney Moe Cletus or Carl. As majors those characters are

  • neil

    maybe Itchy, plus Family Guy and Simpsons will have a cross over episode. maybe itchy and brian will meet