John Goodman’s 9 Best ‘SNL’ Sketches

This Saturday, John Goodman returns to host Saturday Night Live for the first time in over a decade. Prior to this week’s show, Goodman was a nineties SNL staple and took on hosting gigs for thirteen nearly consecutive years between 1989-2001 (he took a break in 1991), bringing the always welcome gruff big-guy Dan Conner vibe to a host of memorable sketches from the Swerski Superfans to the Bill Brasky salesmen to any news story involving Linda Tripp. In celebration of Goodman’s return to SNL this week, here are nine of his best sketches from years past, from earliest to most recent:

Monologue (1989)

Here’s the monologue from Goodman’s very first hosting stint back in 1989 fresh off the success of Roseanne‘s first season, where Victoria Jackson as Roseanne gets all the backstage adoration from the cast members; oh how the tables would turn! (Also worth it for the Conan cameo.)

Cruise (1993)

Here Goodman plays a widower on a cruise with Mike Myers as Linda Richman of “Coffee Talk,” who blabs on and on about her many cruise experiences in true Linda fashion (mostly food-related). Goodman’s more of a straight man role here, but it’s worth noting that this is the only “Coffee Talk” sketch where Linda’s on vacation.

Bob Swerski’s Superfans: Irwin Mainway (1995)

This “Superfans” sketch aired two months after Mike Myers left SNL, so Goodman stepped in to take over the character of Pat Arnold after months of cheese fries and lack of Michael Jordan.

Bill Brasky: Holiday Inn (1996)

Goodman showed up as one of the drunken salesmen in the second “Bill Brasky” sketch (you can watch them all here) and, as it turns out, is responsible (along with Alec Baldwin) for turning what was originally a one-off 10-to-1 sketch into a recurring 90s favorite.

Celebrity Jeopardy (1997)

Goodman played Marlon Brando in this “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch opposite Darrell Hammond as Phil Donahue and Norm Macdonald as Burt Reynolds. This was only the second (of an eventual 14) “Jeopardy” sketch, back before Hammond’s Sean Connery took over the spotlight.

Alec Baldwin Monologue (1998)

While this is actually from an Alec Baldwin episode, Goodman’s appearance as the Ghost of SNL Past makes this the perfect sketch to revisit before his glorious return on Saturday.

Lewinsky-Tripp Phone Chat (1998)

Goodman played Linda Tripp five times throughout the whole Monika Lewinsky scandal and gave Will Ferrell’s Janet Reno a run for her money.

Adult Literacy Class (1999)

“I’m a 50-year-old father of three who can’t read…and I rule this school.”

Bad Conceptual Theater (2001)

Before there was “Baby Boss” there was this installment of Dan Aykroyd’s classic recurring sketch “Bad Conceptual Theater,” which features Goodman with fellow terrible actors Amy Poehler, Chris Kattan, Jeff Richards, and Seth Meyers.

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