The 36 Best Sketches of 2013

2013 was an excellent year for sketch comedy on both television and across the web. Online venues like Funny or Die, UCB Comedy, and Above Average delivered a constant stream of funny content while Key and Peele, Inside Amy Schumer, Kroll Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and The Birthday Boys showed Comedy Central and IFC stepping up their sketch comedy game as well. On top of all that, 38-year stalwart Saturday Night Live underwent one of its biggest cast transitions in years, resulting in a surprisingly varied sketch selection from both the outgoing veterans and new hires. So with that, here are 36 of our favorite sketches from the year in alphabetical order.

“Abusive Couple” (Inside Amy Schumer)

A clever sketch about what different couples might consider “fighting.”

“Aw Nuts! Mom’s A Ghost!” (Saturday Night Live)

One of the highlights of Kristen Wiig’s SNL hosting gig includes her crawling across the ceiling as a mom-turned-Korean water ghost.

“Clear History” (Key and Peele)

It’s perfectly normal to have a few dark secrets in your internet search history just as long as it’s not one of those dark secrets.

“Cold Dead Hand” (Funny or Die)

This sketch both riffed on one of the biggest current event controversies of 2013 and caused some of its own. Some outraged viewers threatened to boycott Jim Carrey’s movies, and Fox News said Carrey “danced on the grave of Charlton Heston.”

“Compliments” (Inside Amy Schumer)

This is sadly too true for a premise. Who hasn’t looked like Susan Boyle’s toothbrush at some point?

“Contemporary Family” (The Birthday Boys)

Worth it for the bicycle lesson at the end.

“Darrell’s House Part 1 and 2” (Saturday Night Live)

While some might give SNL flak for relying more and more on pretaped segments this year, “Darrell’s House” was a daring way to explore how the pretaped format can play with the show’s traditionally live roots.

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