The 36 Best Sketches of 2013

“(Do It On My) Twin Bed” (Saturday Night Live)

Like last year’s “Your Hometown,” this sketch from SNL‘s pre-Christmas episode nails the holiday visit with parents perfectly.

“FACES: Why Do We Hate Them?” (UCB Comedy)

It’s funny, relatable, and accompanied by delightfully cheesy music.

“Gangster Party Line” (Brent Weinbach)

An original concept paired with flawless delivery. We dare you to call.

“Ghost Bouncers” (Kroll Show)

I never thought I’d see a sketch based on Ghost Adventures, but here we are, and it’s wonderful.

“Hoodie” (Key and Peele)

Hoodies were as big of a controversy as guns this year, and no one brought that to light better than Key and Peele.

“Japanese Commercial Reel” (George Kareman)

This fake Japanese commercial reel from George Kareman will wake you up more than any cup of coffee.

“Keepin the Beat” (The Birthday Boys)

I really hope all drummers do this.

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