The 36 Best Sketches of 2013

“Look at Allen” (WOMEN)

Here, sketch group WOMEN lives up to its name.

“Lost” (Kyle Mooney)

Kyle Mooney posted a few “Inside SoCal Quick Hit” videos this year, but my favorite was when Todd had his emotional breakdown.

“Make the Sweater Better” (Comedy Bang! Bang!)

Scott Aukerman could seriously do an entire Guy Fieri-esque show like this and I’d watch it just for all those exciting Route 66 sign shots.

“Mr. T’s PSA” (Key and Peele)

The best Mr. T-themed sketch since “The New Adventures of Mr. T.”

“Nerd PSA” (Portlandia)

This PSA from the Portland Nerd Council is a good reminder of how one earns the title of nerd: by running around in a field while “eventing.”

“New Horror Trailer” (Saturday Night Live)

From the production value to the spot-on Anderson crew impersonations, this trailer was one of SNL‘s most impressive pretaped segments this season.

“Obama Shutdown” (Key and Peele)

With over a million and a half views on YouTube, this Key and Peele sketch pits Mr. and Mrs. Obama’s angry translators against each other in an intimate moment of hilarity.

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