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Watch Three New Trailers for Above Average’s 2014 Series Lineup

Above Average released trailers for two new and one returning web series today. First is a pickup of Two Trick Pony’s “Charles, Your Hangover” starring Tory Stanton as a personified hangover, and the trailer features a sloshed Lauren Lapkus and Brian Baumgartner. The second new series “That Couple You Know” stars Josh Ruben and Jocelyn DeBoer as a really annoying couple, and the last trailer is for the second season of “Thingstarter,” a series of Kickstarter parody videos by The Bilderbergers (Lucas Klauss, Matt Moskovciak, Ben Stadler) featuring Will Hines as a victim of sustainable kidnapping. All three series premiere on Above Average’s YouTube channel on January 14th; check out the trailers below.

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