Joe Mande Is Releasing a Standup Mixtape Later This Week

Standup and Parks and Rec writer Joe Mande is putting out his first comedy album this week. Called Bitchface, it’s being released as a mixtape on Friday, March 7th, as the first comedy release from hip hop label Greedhead Music. Mande will also be doing a “mini world tour” at the end of the month to promote the album and a release party in LA next week. Mande, who has also written for Kroll Show, NTSF:SD:SUV, and Delocated, released his first standup special, a Comedy Central Half-Hour, in 2012.

Here’s Greedhead founder Himanshu “Heems” Suri talking to Stereogum about the project:

Comics often do put out their standup as albums, but I think this is a pretty original way to do it, and a way that’s pretty culturally relevant as more and more people listen to rap and mixtapes … It’s not the first time a music label has picked up a comic, I guess maybe it’s something that’s happening more. But it’s definitely the first comedy mixtape, and that’s not something lost on Joe as you listen to it … It’s just a lot of people doing drops and stuff like that. A lot of big names from film and sports and from music just kind of dropping in and doing little mixtape drops. It’s been constructed — I think it might have been broken up into tracks — but the way it’s constructed is almost like a DJ mix, but of comedy and drops and sound effects and stuff like that.

 Check out some trailers for Joe Mande’s Bitchface below:

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