‘High Maintenance,’ ‘Getting Doug with High,’ and More to Air on Pluto.tv’s Channel 420 This Sunday

Pluto.tv, a new and free online television platform, is celebrating 4/20 by airing 24 hours filled with a bunch of stoner-friendly comedy and other entertaining eye candy on their Channel 420. The daylong block of programming starts right at midnight on 4/20 and includes episodes of High Maintenance, Getting Doug with High, and more. Click through for the full lineup per Pluto.tv’s press release:

High Maintenance (Web Series) 30 minutes- A nameless dealer delivers to stressed-out New Yorkers in this critically acclaimed web series.

Sketchy Sketches (Comedy Sketches) 30 minutes- Comedy sketches about the simpler things in life and getting by in this crazy world. Featuring Key & Peele, Workaholics, The Lucas Brothers, and many more.

Animals Through a Wide Angle Lens (POV clips of animals) 30 minutes – Video clips of cute and cuddly animals in costumes, hats, and silly situations.

Getting Doug with High (Video Podcast) 30 minutes – Doug Benson’s podcast featuring David Cross, Cheech and Chong, Reggie Watts and more.

Time Lapse Nature (Nature Clips) 30 minutes – Time lapses videos of nature that capture the soothing and beautiful qualities of the outdoors.

The Munchies (Food) 30 Minutes – Beautifully shot montages of all different types of food and delicious treats.

Couch Potato (Hip Hop Music) 30 minutes – The best music for kicking it on the couch with nothing to do.

Psychedelic Jams (Jam Bands) 30 minutes – The soundtrack for adventures into your own mind.

Smoked (Web Series) 30 minutes – SMOKED is a series that follows the misadventures of three friends as they struggle to run a fledgling medical dispensary in Venice, California.

Surreal Animations (Cartoons & Art) 30 minutes – Trippy and humorous cartoons that remind you that life is better when its animated.

Out There (News Clips & Oddities) 30 minutes – Trippy videos about things too weird to exist but actually do.

Easy Reggae – The best reggae music to soothe your soul and move your feet

Stand Up In Smoke (Stand Up Comedy) 30 minutes – The best comedic minds bring you jokes and anecdotes from the stage.

Heavy $H!T (Animations, Interviews, Storytelling) 30 minutes – Philosophical and thought provoking stories about life, reality, and the deep questions.

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