A New Muppets TV Show Is Reportedly in the Works

The Muppets might be planning their television comeback. Collider recently spoke with Nicholas Stoller — who co-wrote both The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted — who said that though he’s not creatively involved, there is currently a push to bring the Muppet crew back to the small screen in what sounds like a possibly live variety show format. From Collider’s interview:

I know they’re working on something to get them back on TV. I have no idea where it’s at, but I definitely think so. I mean, they’re such rich characters, and it’s very easy to pitch on stories for them, and think of ideas for them. They don’t feel used up…I think there’s a big opportunity for that kind of variety show. You could do it partially live. There are all these things you could do with Muppets that you can’t do with a lot of other things.

While Stoller added that he doesn’t know the specifics, he emphasized that the Muppet crew has definitely been “working on something,” and apparently Kermit and Miss Piggy are “very enthusiastic” about the idea of going to TV. The last television show starring the original Muppets cast was ABC’s Muppets Tonight from 1996-1998, making this potentially the first Muppets show in 16 years.

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