Did North Korea Launch Three Missiles Because of Seth Rogen?

rogen_franco_interviewYesterday, North Korea said that the upcoming Rogen/Franco comedy The Interview, in which the two plan to secretly assassinate Kim Jung-Un, was an “act of war.” Just a bunch of bluster from a famously blustery country, right? Uh, well…

North Korea fired three short-range projectiles off its east coast on Thursday, a day after it warned of retaliation against the release of an American comedy film involving a plot to kill its leader, Kim Jong-un.

That’s from the New York Times. The missiles were a test, and landed somewhere in the water between North Korea and Japan. It’s not clear what type of missiles they were just yet, but one thing is clear: Kim Jong-Un just took the Streisand effect to a whole new level. You’re just giving them amazing free publicity, dude!

Check out the trailer for The Interview below:

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