Here’s What the “Simpsons World” FXX App Will Look Like

SimpsonsBack in April it was announced that a comprehensive digital Simpsons app called “Simpsons World” was in the works at FXX to coincide with the network’s 12-day marathon next month, and at TCA today the network revealed more details. Here are just some of the features that Simpsons World will offer, via HitFix:

– Every episode ever, in an order that’s easy to browse, but also easy to search.

– A search function that allows you to quickly find — and share across social media — your favorite Simpsons joke or scene.

– Ability to curate your own playlists of episodes and/or scenes, and a learning function that will then recommend similar ones for you to try or revisit.

– An exhaustive episode guide that can be opened up to run parallel to the episode, featuring historical references, behind-the-scenes info, quotes, etc. You can also have each episode’s script scrolling along as you watch it, and you can excerpt and share parts of the script, as well.

In short, Simpsons World will pretty much be the perfect, dream-come-true app for Simpsons fans, and according to FXX all features are set to be available to cable subscribers in October.

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