The Russian Knockoff of ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Is Much Tamer

always sunny moscowPhiladelphia’s City Paper has a piece out this week looking at It’s Always Sunny in Moscow, the Russian adaptation of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that premiered in May. Here’s the official plot description from the Russian network the series airs on, turned into English via Google Translate:

Four young heroes: Sergei Kovalev and Alain, Maxim Borisenko and Roman Makarov. They went to school together. They have their own business – a pub “Philadelphia.” But revenue it almost does not work. All their hopes and plans – love and money – are crumbling, when confronted with reality.The reason for this – their selfishness, laziness and stupidity.

It was only natural cheerfulness with already marked stupidity help them to remain optimistic and not to indulge in melancholy. In addition, parents Sergey and Alena, played Dmitri Astrakhan and Irina Apeksimova convincingly show that not only the young can be bad man.

From left to right on the above promo image are Waitress (called “girl with whom Max love” in Moscow), Dee (Alain), Dennis (Sergei), Charlie (Max), Mac (Roman), Frank (Anatoly Kovalev) and his wife (Alena). Basically, the Russian version of the show is, in many ways, a shot-for-shot remake of the original but with most of the raunchy/crazy stuff cut out. Check out a side-by-side comparison of the US and Russian episodes “Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom” (via City Paper) below. (via AV Club)

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