This Week in Web Videos: 5 Absurd One-Offs You Need to See

fivevideosIt’s no secret that I’m a lover of the absurd. Or maybe it is. Maybe it was, I should say. It shouldn’t be anymore since I just told you. Anyway, here are 5 ridiculous one-off videos that I’ve been meaning to post for a while. I think it’s quite important that you all take a few moments to watch them all. I promise you’ll feel better after.

My Posse (Patrick Noth)

Lonely Island-esque? Sure. Still really entertaining in every way? Also yes.

Injured Man Walking (Mike Cullen)

We’ve known Mike Cullen is insane for some time. This only affirms that.

Out of Make-Up Names (The Punch)

The last sketch from the now-defunct UCB Beta team, The Punch. It’s been in the hopper for over a year. Thank CHRIST it’s finally been released.

Pitch Perfect 237 (Cook St. Productions)

Taking something that’s very silly very seriously is almost never not funny.

The Perfect Tweet (Pineapple-Shaped Lamps)

Important social commentary here, folks. We’re all very empty people. Now tweet out this fucking article link with a wry comment…and some tags.

Luke is a writer for CollegeHumor and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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