40 Less-Iconic ‘SNL’ Sketches That We Love Anyway

Googly Eyes Gardener. Christopher Walken recently named “Googly Eyes Gardener” his favorite sketch to be in and broke it down perfectly: “It doesn’t make sense to explain it, but it made me laugh.”

Wade Blasingame: Attorney-At-Law. Will Ferrell seems to get a lot of mileage out of canine hostility, but it’s Chris Parnell who steals the show here — particularly with that glazed-over stare he gives the camera at the end.

Happy Birthday. Because it’s the most badass birthday song of all time.

Maya Angelou Prank Show. The best sketch from the best episode in recent years… it has truly been an honor, Sister Maya.

The Cobras. Dropping Norm Macdonald into a cheesy choreographed West Side Story world makes such a brilliant contrast in “Cobras,” and musical fans and haters alike can appreciate all the hilarious awkwardness that ensues.

Potato Chip. This gloriously bizarre 10-to-1 sketch is sacred among comedy nerds and Forte enthusiasts, with a growing level of appreciation for the energy put in by Sudeikis and Forte over such an odd premise.

The French Chef. This gory classic written by Franken & Davis might be too famous to include on this list, but worth it to show an underrated Dan Aykroyd killing a solo performance.

A Taste of New York. Fred Armisen created tons of fake bands during his run on SNL, but none were as creepy and disturbing as the Alphabet City band A Taste of New York.

TV Funhouse: Shazzang. Smigel had a particularly keen eye for sub-genres of Saturday morning cartoons, which he subverted perfectly with this hero genie who goes too far.

Nude Beach. Conan O’Brien wrote this late ’80s sketch, which took nearly a year to make it into an episode and features the word “penis” nearly 50 times. NBC received 46,000 complaint letters in response.

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