Bob Odenkirk Says the ‘Mr. Show’ Reunion Might Be a New Sketch Comedy Show

mr_show_2015_smThe A.V. Club has a new interview out today with Bob Odenkirk to promote Sunday’s premiere of Better Call Saul, and near the end of the interview is the most interesting update on the in-the-works Mr. Show reunion yet. While the project is clearly still in the early development stages due to the original writers and performers’ busy schedules, Odenkirk revealed that it won’t be labeled as an official “Mr. Show reunion” but instead be a completely new multiple-episode sketch comedy show:

However, we are working on new sketches and a new show together. And we want to do multiple episodes of it. And yet we’re limited. [Cross has] sold two series in England and I have Better Call Saul to attend to. So we have limited time, but we do want to do a new series of sketch comedy that’s new sketches and new energy, and we are laughing our asses off writing it. Not only is this group of writers great together, they’ve all gotten better by leaps and bounds from when we first wrote. I mean, the fact that [Scott] Aukerman and Tompkins want to be a part of it with their own careers on full blast, moving forward with their own shows and all that they’ve learned about writing—it’s amazing that they want to be a part of it. My brother Bill, who’s been at The Simpsons for so many years and he’s doing great work there. Brian Posehn, who has so many projects going. These guys have all gotten so much better than when we first worked with them. And still they’re excited to be in the room together.

Odenkirk said the group’s had two writing sessions so far, and we can probably expect an ETA on the show in the next few months: “We’re trying to nail it down quick. We’re talking to people now and everybody knows how fast we have to move on this. Because people have jobs and they have to know what they’re going to do in February and March.” Read the rest of the interview over at The A.V. Club.

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