Read a New Oral History of ‘Parks and Recreation’

parks_and_recNot long after posting a comprehensive oral history of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Uproxx has a brand new oral history out today on the history and evolution of Amy Poehler’s other famous role on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and it’s a great read for fans of the show who are looking to ease the pain before tonight’s hourlong series finale. Here’s an excerpt from Jim O’Heir:

Sadly, pictures have hit the internet of me crying. So I can’t deny. It was rough. We all knew it was coming. But in a way, I’m glad it was because it means that it meant so much to us. It wasn’t just another show that we did as actors and then we’ll move on to the next one. It was because it was so special that the thought of leaving was just horrific, but we got through it. We each got our own individual goodbye and it was tough. Then we had our wrap party and it was a blowout. Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman got on the guitar. Chris led all of us in the singing of “Bye Bye Little Sebastian,” which was just so awesome. Then Amy gave a speech, and Mike Schur gave a speech. It’s a special show we all said would never happen again. The odds of finding this connection with this group of people I think will be tough, if it ever happens at all.

Get your tissues ready then read the rest over at Uproxx.

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