SnapStream Express Launches Today

snapstreamShows like Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show have long relied on SnapStream to find their juiciest news clips and quotes, and today the TV clip search database finally launched a version for everyone else with SnapStream Express. The service is cheaper than the version the big-time shows use with a $499 upfront payment and $99/month plan that includes the SnapStream hardware and features including:

1) Record up to 2 channels of standard def (SD) or high-def (HD) television
2) 2 TB of storage gives you up to 2400 hours of recorded TV
3) Watch TV (live or recorded) on any Mac or PC on the LAN
4) Powerful TV search technology lets you find “a needle in a haystack” on TV
5) Create clips and share them by email or with a simple deep link
6) See Tweets about a show side by side with the show itself
7) Easily and instantly share TV moments as screenshot, animated GIF or video clip on Twitter
8) Quickly share TV moments on Facebook

For more information head over to the SnapSteam Express¬†website, or check out our behind-the-scenes guide to¬†The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight’s secret technological weapon.

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