Watch Comedy Central’s ‘Big Time in Hollywood, FL’ Right Here and Witness the Essence of Your Delusional Filmmaker Friends

bigtimeSplitsider is proud to host full episodes THIS WEEK ONLY of Comedy Central’s hilarious new comedy, Big Time in Hollywood, FL. Big Time follows two wannabe filmmaker brothers who get caught up in a multi-layered plot forcing them into adulthood for the first time in their lives. Watch below for all the action, drama, glory and madness!

Catch the fourth episode on Comedy Central, Wednesday, April 15th!

In this episode, delusional filmmaker Jack Dolfe and his brother, Ben Dolfe, face the terrifying prospect of moving out of their parent’s house.

In Big Time’s second episode, Jack and Ben’s plan to avoid moving out backfires horribly and Ben is sent to a rehabilitation center.

Last night’s episode! Jack destroys his new car in a drug-fueled frenzy.

Don’t forget to tune into Comedy Central on Wednesday, April 15th for Episode 4, with Cuba Gooding Jr.! WHAT?!

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