A Comprehensive Collection of Comedians Tweeting About Their Flights

airplaneWhether we’re missing a flight, sitting next to an annoying passenger, or enduring bad customer service, flying is full of aggravations we’re usually powerless to avoid. Comedians, with their hectic schedules and tour dates, have it worse than most, and thanks to Twitter we know all about it. You’ve probably seen at least a few of your favorite comedians express their travel-related stress and frustrations 140 characters at a time — sometimes they get a good joke out of it, but other times it’s just pure anger, annoyance, and good old-fashioned whining. Really, it all comes down to this:

Nothing puts off one’s judgment like anger, so oftentimes comedians end up posting airline tweets without the kind of mental editing or restraint they give their usual punchlines. The result is a sometimes hilarious and sometimes shameless look at which comedians perform best under pressure — and not the kind of pressure they’re used to onstage. With that in mind, we decided to collect 350 airline-related tweets by some of our favorite writers, comedians, and filmmakers. So fasten your seat belts, turn off all electronic devices, and get ready for a lot of turbulence.

General Complaints/Observations

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