5 Web Videos You Probably Haven’t Seen But Really Should

five-good-vidsHave we done round-ups before? You can bet your best baseball bat we have. Like here. Also right here. Did people like them? Maybe. They seemed to get a lot of likes. Did people share them? Probably, yeah. Likes usually go hand in hand with shares. Did people watch them, though? Or, did they just watch the first one or the one their improv friend did and flip on back to Buzzfeed? It’s hard to say. They really should’ve watched, and you should really watch this newly curated list we’ve rustled up for you. Seriously. You’ll have a laugh. That’s something, right? Isn’t that something?

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift from Scott Rogowsky

Splitsider darling and known daddy’s boy Scott Rogowsky does something that makes me laugh as much as it makes my skin crawl.

Side Dish from George McAuliffe

Chicago comedians are different than us coastal folks, and I like it.

Every NBA Pre-Game Analysis from BOAT

Key and Peele released a very similar sketch the exact same day the BOAT boys posted this gem, and they didn’t get their due. That changes now. This column’s as big as Key and Peele, right?

The Jinx Episode 7: The Durst Defense Ever from Dinner for One

Best Robert Durst imitation I’ve heard.

Racist Audition from Shaan Baig

Who doesn’t love a little low-fi bro humor now and then, right? Nothing wrong with that.

Luke is a writer/director for CollegeHumor and a watcher of many web videos. Send him yours @LKellyClyne.

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