Emerson College Will Offer a BFA in Comedic Arts Next Year

belushiAre you a young, bright high school graduate interested in accumulating thousands of dollars in student loan debt all in the name of comedy? If so, then Emerson College in Boston just added the perfect degree for you: a four-year bachelor of fine arts in the “comedic arts.” Emerson will begin offering the degree in September 2016 thanks to what it calls the “marked rise of comedy’s impact on American culture and its global influence,” and the program will “be grounded in the history and theory of comedy with practical learning and a focus on preparing students for careers in comedy performance, writing and production.” Of course, earning a degree in comedy doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make it in the industry or even be funny, but at least a lot of people will laugh at you for spending $200K on a comedic arts BFA.

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