Here’s Proof that ‘Veep’ Has More Jokes Per Minute Than Most Shows on TV

veepseason4You probably already knew that HBO’s Veep is one of the best comedies on television these days, but thanks to some hard data crunching by Den of Geek, there’s now solid proof that Armando Iannucci’s series manages to squeeze in more jokes per episode than any other show. The site analyzed all ten episodes of season 4 by tallying up the number of jokes per episode (from dialogue to reaction shots to visual humor) then dividing by the number of minutes of each episode, resulting in an overall season average of 4.28 jokes per minute, or “JPM.” The second-to-last episode “Testimony” came in with the highest average at 4.92 jokes per minute, while the second episode of the season “East Wing” came in last at 3.81. For an in-depth look be sure to check out the full piece over at Den of Geek, then read our complete season 4 review here.

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