Kyle Mooney and Dave McCary’s New Non-Existent Podcast Is the Best New Comedy Podcast

dandkpodcastIn the downtime between SNL seasons, Kyle Mooney has launched an Instagram account for his brand new podcast with reluctant co-host Dave McCary (SNL, Good Neighbor). The D and K Podcast may have zero episodes so far, but that’s not stopping them from pulling out all the stops engagement-wise and updating their fans. You name it, they’re documenting it: chilling on the patio, chilling on the couch, going to Guitar Center.

The account does a great job of mimicking that signature 70% enthusiasm, 30% white-comedy-guys-who-have-no-idea-what-they’re-doing nascent podcast voice. And for fans of Mooney and Good Neighbor’s pre-SNL YouTube videos, there’s a lot of that same attention to mortifying detail. Little touches like the photo effects on their single-tweet-hosting Twitter account’s avatar and header photo, and the Ideal BF/GF traits list they posted for #WisdomWednesdays do a lot of the work in making it such a solid parody.

The account just launched in June, so catching up on the whole saga isn’t too too tough, but here’s a quick plot summary of what’s happened over at the D and K Podcast so far:

Kyle’s first post:

@davemccary And @kylemooney from the D and K podcast. We can't wait for you to hear our premier episode!

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They generate some sick memes:

Time to get to work! Tell us what YOU would love to hear on the PREMIER EPISODE!!!

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It's coming… #CanItBeMondayAlready #BigNewsBoutToDrop #D #K

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They make big announcements together:

They launch a freestyle rap contest with a relatable CTA:

Kyle falls in love with Annette the intern:

Update from the homies @kylemooney and @davemccary of D and K! #VeryImportantUpdate #PodcastLife #SuperAnnette

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Kyle takes the next step with Annette the intern:

So this happened..

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Kyle is doing great after finding out Annette has a boyfriend:

They’re honest with each other:

They’ve yet to announce when their first episode will record, or if there will be any guests, but it’s safe to say it’s going to be tight.

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