Mike Schur Calls Amy Poehler’s Lack of Emmys “One of the Great Hollywood Tragedies”

poehler_schurThe Emmy Award nominees were announced earlier today, and there’s one name on the list who is on the verge of suffering from Steve Carell-level Emmy Award injustice: Amy Poehler. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Parks and Rec co-creator Mike Schur doubled down on what he’s called in the past the “downright un-American” lack of Emmy wins Poehler has received for her work:

“It’s one of the great Hollywood tragedies that she hasn’t won an Emmy yet,” says Schur. “I watched this happen with Steve Carell—it’s a very similar thing—and I think the world just thinks that she’s won. She’s been an active part of the Emmy ceremony for years and years. I think people have a picture in their minds of her on a stage in a nice dress and are like, oh, she’s won three times. No one can do what she did better than she did it. It’s hard to complain—Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a national treasure—but at the same time, I just hope and pray that somehow or another, this is Amy’s year.”

Poehler is up against some fantastic actors in her category: Edie Falco, Lisa Kudrow, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Amy Schumer, and Lily Tomlin. Considering Parks and Rec ended its seven-season run this year, though, hopefully the Television Academy finally gives her the recognition she deserves.

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