Philadelphia’s Biannual Five Dollar Comedy Week Returns on July 20th

five_dollar_comedy_weekThere are tons of local comedy scenes of all sizes out there, and now it’s time for good old PA to have its time in the spotlight. Launched last summer by writers/comedians Aaron Nevins and Kate Banford, Philadelphia’s Five Dollar Comedy Week aims to “bring the best original comedy to the stage at an affordable price,” and the event returns later this month on Monday, July 20th at the Plays & Players Theater. The week will feature 30 brand new, experimental, never-before-seen concept shows and fake workshops from Monday through Sunday. Here are some of the shows featured in the past three Five Dollar Comedy Weeks:

Comedian Psychoanalysis – Standup comedians have their sets immediately analyzed by a psychiatric professional

You-Logies – Randomly chosen audience members are interviewed then given full eulogies, crafted by comedians

The Plant – A hilariously strange adaptation of the forgotten ABC reality show The Mole, where everyone in the audience is a contestant and must sniff out the plant among them

Phone It In – An entire film festival of short comedy videos by local comedians and filmmakers, where the only rule is that all videos must be shot completely on cell phones

The Bit Show – A show consisting of 16 progressively shorter full comedy shows crammed into 90 minutes.

The Five For Five Show – Drunk stragglers on Philly’s infamous South Street are offered $5 each to come in and try standup for the first time.

Check out more information over at the Five Dollar Comedy Week website.

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