Judd Apatow Is Producing Jemaine Clement’s HBO Series

jemaine_clementAlmost a year ago, Jemaine Clement revealed that he had a mysterious, four-episode show in the works at HBO, and in a new interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Clement also revealed that the series has the backing of a big-name executive producer: Judd Apatow. “Usually we know what’s wrong with the script but we hand it in anyway and then he’ll tell us,” Clement said on working with Apatow. “If you ever heard anyone talking about working with him, he actually pushes the comedy further. Makes your ideas good. It’s good exercise.”

Clement said he’s developing the series with Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows), and each episode will be like a “mini movie” with a different story and same cast. “There’s one about a dance competition and there’s one about time travel. Each one of them is set in different time or has a different subtext,” he said. “It’s like The Twilight Zone, but comedy…there is a theme so far in that all of the ones we’ve written are about time.” Clement’s next onscreen role is in People, Places, Things alongside Regina Hall and Jessica Williams, which hits theaters on August 14th.

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