Eugene Mirman’s New 7-LP Comedy Album ‘I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome)’ Is Very Comprehensive

mirman_im_sorry_youre_welcomeEugene Mirman is certainly not new to the game of selling handcrafted, one-of-a-kind products online, but his latest offering might go down as his biggest masterpiece yet. Titled I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome), Mirman’s new comedy album is much more than a standup album — it’s a 9-volume, 7-LP set loaded with everything from meditation tracks, a sound effects library, a “Fuckscape,” Russian lessons, and over 45 minutes of crying. Here’s everything included in the LP set:

LP1 – Live In Seattle At The Columbia City Theater
Good-humored noticings from America’s “Master of the Noticing!”

LP 2A – A Guided Meditation For The Thoughtful Body
A calming meditation to cheer and sooth the cluttered mind, the injured heart and the anxious body

LP 2B – Fuckscape
An erotic soundscape for lovebirds and adventurous friends

LP 3 – Eugene’s Comprehensive Sound Effects Library
Tremendous, mouth-made sound effects for amateur and professional foley artists alike

LP 4 – Digital Drugs
A binaural acoustic pharmacy for the carefree or ill

LP 5 – Over 45 Minutes of Crying
A full-hearted 45-minute cry-a-thon

LP 6A – Introduction To Spoken Russian
The language of Pushkin as taught by someone who left Russia at the age of 4

LP 6B – Ringtones & Outgoing Voicemail Messages For Your Personal Use
Turn every phone call you miss or receive into a thousand-million smiles

LP7 – 195 Orgasms

The set comes out on October 30th, but it’s currently available for pre-order at Sub Pop as a box set or digital download, and there are also limited edition versions with a custom-made robe or armchair ($225 and $1200, respectively). Watch Mirman’s trailer for the album below:

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