Here’s the Writing Staff of ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

late_show_colbert_logoStephen Colbert made his big debut as the new Late Show host Tuesday night, and while CBS previously announced head writers Opus Moreschi and Jay Katsir as well as supervising producers/writers Matt Lappin and Paul Dinello, the network had not yet officially confirmed the full writing staff until last night’s credits rolled. Check out Colbert’s full writing staff below:

Jay Katsir
Opus Moreschi
Stephen Colbert
Michael Brumm
Nate Charny
Aaron Cohen
Cullen Crawford
Paul Dinello
Rob Dubbin
Eric Drysdale
Ariel Dumas
Glenn Eichler
Gabe Gronli
Barry Julien
Daniel Kibblesmith
Matt Lappin
Tom Purcell
Jen Spyra
Brian Stack

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