45 of Our Favorite Late Night Clips of 2015

John Cleese Once Tried to Cheer Up His Mom by Offering to Kill Her

Stephen Colbert Takes the Myers–Briggs Personality Test

Harrison Ford Is a Total Delight on The Tonight Show

Chris Hardwick Hosts a Jimmy Kimmel Live Mid-Show Recap Show

Larry Wilmore’s Goodnight Slavery Teaches Kids What Their Textbooks Leave Out

John Oliver Creates His Very Own Tax-Exempt Religion

Aziz Ansari Calls Out The Late Show’s Lack of Diversity: “There Are a Lot of White Guys Back There”

Will Ferrell Is Tired of Answering Personal Questions About His Bird

Nathan Fielder Describes His Ultimate Italian Vacation Fantasy

Brian Stack Visits Conan O’Brien as The Interrupter One Last Time

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