‘The Carmichael Show’ Returns to NBC in March

carmichael_showNBC just announced a return date for Jerrod Carmichael’s NBC comedy. According to Variety, season 2 of The Carmichael Show will debut on Sunday, March 13th with two episodes following preview episodes after The Voice on Tuesday, March 8th at 10:30pm. NBC is pairing The Carmichael Show with its new comedy Crowded, which will air preview episodes on Tuesday, March 15th then move to its regular time slot on Sunday the 20th at 8:30pm followed by The Carmichael Show.

As for what we can expect Carmichael to cover next season, he’s already revealed that he’s opening the season with an episode about the Bill Cosby scandal. Here’s what he told Entertainment Weekly:

Oh, what a process it was. [Laughs] We have champions within the network who realize a lot of these things needed to be said. And it’s a fight and there are legal things and more people are involved and there’s a lot of caution. And rightfully so: It is a corporation and they have to be cautious and they have to protect their best interests, but ultimately I think creativity won. And I’m very thankful. … I just know there were champions within the network who were really excited and knew this could be important television. Even though there was a process and there was caution and there were questions and there were concerns, ultimately I saw a lot of excitement. Even in the process, even in the hesitation I saw a lot of excitement. I think it really connected with why a lot of people got into television in the first place and it is to do things that are genuinely provocative – not shocking, but genuinely provocative – and I think a lot of the execs really appreciated that.

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