Weird Al Yankovic Is the New ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Bandleader

yankovic_aukermanKid Cudi appeared in his final Comedy Bang! Bang! episode as bandleader back in December, and today, Scott Aukerman announced the next bandleader on the newest episode of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast: Weird Al Yankovic. Listen to the announcement below (starts around the 8:30 mark):

Yankovic has appeared multiple times on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast and TV show. He follows former bandleaders Reggie Watts (70 episodes) and Kid Cudi (20 episodes), and hopefully he’ll stick around for the next 300 episodes as promised.

UPDATE: Scott Aukerman posted a sneak peek of Weird Al on the Comedy Bang! Bang! set today. Check it out below:

SPOTTED! @alfredyankovic doing his "thang" within the city limits of Glendale, CA!

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