Comedians Honor Garry Shandling by Playing One More Basketball Game at His House

shandling_basketballTo pay their respects to Garry Shandling, a bunch of his comedian friends recently met at Shandling’s house to continue one of his weekly traditions one more time in his memory. On Instagram, Judd Apatow shared a photo of a bunch of comedians who met up at the late comedian’s house to play one more weekly basketball game together: “One last game of basketball at Garry’s house to say goodbye.” Apatow was joined by Kathy Griffin, Kevin Nealon, Bill Maher, Jeffrey Tambor, and tons more:

One last game of basketball at Garry's house to say goodbye.

A photo posted by Judd Apatow (@juddapatow) on

Sarah Silverman also posted these older photos of her playing basketball with Shandling:

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