‘Angie Tribeca’ Season 2 Debuts on TBS in June

angie-tribecaTBS’s new comedy Angie Tribeca is returning with new episodes in June. In a press release, the network announced today that Steve and Nancy Carell’s show starring Rashida Jones returns for its second season on Monday, June 6th, and the guest star lineup includes James Franco, Maya Rudolph, Danny Pudi, Rhys Darby, Kevin Pollak, and more. Here’s what we can expect from the next batch of episodes:

In the second season, Angie and the detectives of the LAPD will investigate the murder of a sushi chef, the death of the “bad boy” in a boy band who gets decapitated by a t-shirt cannon and a band of drug-dealing lifeguards. In addition, they will tackle a difficult case with the help of a romance novelist.

As in its first season, Angie Tribeca’s second season will feature a parade of recognizable guest stars, including; James Franco, Heather Graham, Mary McCormack, Noah Wyle, Maya Rudolph, Eriq La Salle, Danny Pudi, Busy Philipps, Kevin Pollak, Rhys Darby, Ed Begley Jr., Joe Jonas, Joey McIntyre and a few more special surprise guests. (Spoiler Alert: Most of them will turn out to be the perpetrators of the crimes being investigated.) In addition, Alfred Molina will continue filling the community service requirements of his probation by once again playing the recurring role of Dr. Edelweiss.

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