Diddy’s Episode of ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Is a Total Delight

I’m not sure why Chris Gethard was so coy about Diddy’s appearance on last night’s Chris Gethard Show, because now that the episode has aired (and is thankfully on YouTube in full), you can see for yourself that, except for some aspects of the initial setup, his appearance was very much real. So real that Diddy stuck around to start a massive group hug, fight with Zach Galifianakis over the phone, give relationship advice, chat with J.D. Amato while peeing, judge Gethard’s dancing, take a Rorschach test, and use his superstar power and influence to take TCGS to the next level, starting with “Ask and you shall receive” all the way to “Chris, I’m gonna change your fucking life.” It’s a super fun episode and Diddy was game for it all, so get on board now before TCGS skyrockets to mainstream popularity.

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