Will Ferrell, Catherine Keener, and Michael Cera to Star in ‘Captain Dad’

ferrell_late_nightWill Ferrell, Catherine Keener, and Michael Cera just signed on to star in a movie together. According to Deadline, the three will star in Captain Dad, which is described as a “dark twist on the family vacation comedy” by Sebastian Silva. Here’s more on the film from Deadline:

Rich Peelman (Ferrell) gives his wife Linda (Keener) the gift of a lifetime for her birthday: a trip through the Caribbean on a sailboat with all six of their kids and their partners. Stubborn, competitive and overly confident in his sailing abilities that are clearly out of sync with reality, Rich is determined that the vacation be run on his terms. But things do not go according to plan. His “father knows best” attitude clashes with the rest of the Peelman clan. And by the end, even the most patient of the bunch are ready to throw Captain Dad overboard, bringing new meaning to the idea of the dysfunctional family.

Captain Dad joins a long list of movies in the works for Ferrell including The House with Amy Poehler, a border control comedy with John C. Reilly, and a Daddy’s Home sequel with Mark Wahlberg.

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