Eva Longoria Is an Excellent Prank Caller on Mike O’Brien’s ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’

Here’s the latest episode of Mike O’Brien’s Above Average series 7 Minutes in Heaven, where he’s joined by Eva Longoria for an episode that has it all — Spanish, French, a special award to Longoria for making the show’s list “Top 25 Flat Out Smokin’ Hottest Gals of the Closet,” and a prank voicemail to O’Brien’s parents that Longoria pulls off so well you’d think she really works for the Planning Enforcement Council and punishes people guilty of a “breach of planning control” with a good spanking: “Please let us know a good time when I come back and do this. Also, please be aware the spankings will be filmed and posted on our sister website MichiganSlutsGetPunished.com.”

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