Learn About the Four Failed Gun Control Measures with ‘The Daily Show’s ‘Let’s Do Anything!’

In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting, the Senate finally met earlier this week to take action on gun control, but instead they got nothing done by rejecting four proposed gun control measures — two from the Democrats and two from the Republicans. In case you’d like to know why the Democrats and Republicans couldn’t agree on any of these proposed laws, The Daily Show decided to take a closer look at all of them through a game show called Let’s Do Anything! featuring Roy Wood Jr. representing the Democrats and Jordan Klepper playing for the Republicans, with Trevor Noah as host. The object of the game: Do something — anything at all — to address gun violence in the US. Or as Noah puts it: “Welcome to Let’s Do Anything! The game show about Congress where even the slightest progress counts as a win. It couldn’t be easier!”

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