Maria Bamford and Jimmy Kimmel Talk Love, Psych Wards, and ‘Lady Dynamite’

Here’s a clip from Maria Bamford’s appearance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she talks about the differences between a real psych ward and the one in her Netflix show: “Psych wards are as if an art director came in and said ‘Let’s break some more chairs, let’s take pieces of the puzzle out of all the puzzles, and let’s put a line of six people waiting for a little sack of graham crackers in electric green gripper socks.'” She also revealed why she named her show Lady Dynamite: “I think it’s a joke on the fact that I do not have very much energy now that I’m properly medicated.”

Watch another clip from the interview below, where Bamford tells Kimmel how she found the man who would become her husband on OkCupid thanks to her username “Hogbook”:

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