Embrace Your Anger with Bill Murray and the Second City Symphony of Social Criticism

There are so many enraging things happening in the world right now, and thanks to this week’s Second City clip, there’s now a safe space where we can all work out our anger. From the 1980 special Bill Murray Live from the Second City, the above scene features ensemble performers Bill Murray, Danny Breen, Mary Gross, Bruce Jarchow, Tim Kazurinsky, Nancy McCabe-Kelly, Rob Riley, and George Wendt as the Second City Symphony of Social Criticism, who are led by conductor Eugene Normalcy in a riveting performance about things that make people angry. Murray particularly does a great job taking down optimists: “This wise guy says to me, ‘Every cloud’s got a silver lining, pal.’ I hit him right in the mouth!” Check out some other clips from the special here and here.

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