David Alan Grier Has Created a “Massa Class” For Black Actors

Recently on A&E’s Black And White — a talk show that explores racial politics through a no-holds-barred comedic lens — “legendary actor and living African American” David Alan Grier was asked: “Do you feel like it’s gotten harder or easier over time for black actors in Hollywood?”

“It is easier than when I started,” he says, and when asked to dispense some pearls of wisdom from this 30+ years in the biz, he debuted a clip from “David Alan Grier’s ‘Massa Class’”, a tongue-in-cheek tutorial for aspiring black actors.

Black And White — airing at 10:30pm Wednesdays on A&E — is hosted by standups Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small (who co-hosts the Race Wars podcast with fellow provocateur Kurt Metzger).

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