Witness the Majesty of Home Shopping in This Full Episode of Seeso Original ‘The Amazing Gayl Pile’

Dreams. Everyone has them. And that everyone includes Gayl Pile, host of the little-watched Ladies’ Power Hour on Home Shopping TV. Sure, right now he’s a depressed and underpaid pitchman for horrible beauty products. But like we said, he has dreams. Big dreams. He’s going to become the greatest television personality of all time.

Initially a web series created by Canadian actor and musician Morgan Waters in 2014, it’s now been turned into Seeso Original Series The Amazing Gayl Pile — and you can watch the first full episode for free right here.

Watch every episode of The Amazing Gayl Pile, and lots more shows, exclusively on Seeso. Sign up now: it’s only $3.99 a month and you get your first month free.


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