Sylvester Stallone Is Developing a TV Comedy Series Called ‘Pizza Guy’

stalloneIf you like Sylvester Stallone and pizza, today is your lucky day, because according to The A.V. Club, Stallone is currently developing a comedy series called Pizza Guy. The series is based on the life of Richie Palmer, who moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles 20 years ago to open the now-famous Mulberry Street Pizza in Beverly Hills. “Sly called me one day and said, ‘Richie’s life is insane. He’s sitting on a gold mine with all the stories and characters that place has,'” gossip columnist A.J. Benza, who will write the pilot, told Page Six on the project. “We both [have known] Richie forever, so we put our heads together and banged it out.” Stallone is also producing an Expendables TV series at Fox, but there’s currently no network attached to Pizza Guy.

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