Watch T.J. Miller Host His Very Own Chicago Morning Show ‘Talkin’ with T.J.’

T.J. Miller has proven himself to be a consistently insane and unpredictable morning talk show guest, and now we can confirm that he’s an insane and unpredictable morning talk show host, too. Last week, Chicago morning show Windy City Live let Miller host his very own live show-within-a-show, and the result — titled Talkin’ with T.J. — is a wonderful mess. Check out the full segment above, where Miller interviews a sex therapist, chats with Windy City Live hosts Ryan Chiaverini and Val Warner, pours lots of water on himself, eats a sandwich, and almost gets stung by a bee — all while an assistant holds a hair dryer up to his head the whole time to get the full “windy city” effect. Hopefully this is the first of many more Talkin’ with T.J. episodes to come.

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