Mario Batali Cooks a Very Fancy Meal for Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett

Mario Batali recently teamed up with Vice’s food channel Munchies to host a web series called Moltissimo, and in the second episode he welcomes SNL’s Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett to enjoy a very special meal he invented just for them: Anatra in Porchetta, or as Batali prefers to call it, “duck in the style of pig.” Mooney and Bennett learn a lot about cooking, wine tasting, and how to make ravioli thanks to Batali’s help, and they even chat about the similarities between writing a comedy sketch and cooking a really good meal for someone. “Now let me ask you this: When you work on a performance and you perform it in front of somebody, and you know it’s good and they know it’s good, does it feel like this?” Batali asks. “Cause this is my success moment. Like, I never made this dish before, and I’m pretty damn sure they gotta like it.”

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