Wyatt Cenac Looks Back on the Time He Got into a Fight with Norm Macdonald at ‘SNL’

Here’s a clip from Wyatt Cenac’s appearance on last night’s Late Show, where he and Colbert look back at their very strange first meeting back when Cenac was working as an intern at SNL in 1996 while Colbert was a guest writer. During a late night hallway soccer game with Norm Macdonald, Colin Quinn, and Colbert, Cenac accidentally kicked Macdonald in the shin, and the resulting fight got so bad that Quinn and Colbert had to pull Macdonald and Cenac apart. “Norm was also trying to quit smoking, so he was extra agitated. And at some point, Norm and I got into a bit of a scrum for the ball, and I wound up clipping him in the shin,” Cenac says. “And he got really mad like you do when you’re trying to quit smoking and grabbed me and tried to throw me across the room, which is not how soccer’s played.”

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