Here’s a Sneak Peek from Lachlan Patterson’s Album and Seeso Special ‘Live from Venice Beach’

pattersonLast Comic Standing alum Lachlan Patterson has a new album and special debuting next month. Titled after Patterson’s hometown Live from Venice Beach, the hourlong special makes its Seeso debut on Thursday, December 1st, Audible Channels debut on December 2nd, and wide album release on Friday, January 6th. Here’s more info:

Lachlan Patterson performs live in his hometown of Venice Beach for an hour of stand-up comedy that proves growing up is harder than you think. In brilliant deadpan delivery, Lachlan takes the stage at the Venice Ale House and brings humor to the downside of pretty much everything in life. Whether it’s mailing a wedding invitation, sex in relationships, or just reading books, Lachlan’s downer humor shines on his latest effort, Live in Venice Beach.

Check out a preview track from the album below:

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