Trevor Noah Asks the News to Treat Trump Like the Toddler He Is on ‘The Daily Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where Trevor Noah explains how Donald Trump’s nonexistent relationship with facts has turned into such a huge challenge for the news media that there’s only one option left: It’s time for them to treat Trump like the toddler he is. “If you think about it, it makes sense. He loves the same things that toddlers do: They like building things, they love attention, always grabbing things they’re not supposed to, and they love riding escalators,” Noah says. “You don’t argue with a toddler if you want to win. Don’t amplify the toddler’s voice, because you’ll just get trapped in the toddler’s world. Rather, just keep asking the toddler to elaborate, because logic is the downfall of every toddler.”

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