Barry Crimmins and Conan O’Brien Discuss the State of Standup Comedy Today

Here’s a clip from Barry Crimmins’s visit to last night’s Conan, where he and O’Brien discuss the state of standup comedy today and one particular thing he thinks has gotten out of hand. “When I started out there might’ve been 100 comedians in the world — a couple of weird guys in France, you know?” he says. “Now, in New York City right now there’s 35,000 people calling themselves standup comedians. It’s like a refugee crisis.” Crimmins also tells O’Brien how he often is sent tapes by aspiring standups for his feedback: “They’re bombing in an open mic in Missouri with six people there, and they’re like ‘What do you think?’ I think you should buy every copy of that tape and burn it, kid.” Watch another clip from the interview below:

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