Check Out 2016’s Best Late Night Standup Sets

Gary Gulman (Conan)

Always an absolute pleasure to watch – especially his dizzying state abbreviation bit, seen here – Gary Gulman shines with an exceptional Conan set this past summer.

Lori Mae Hernandez (America’s Got Talent)

13-year-old America’s Got Talent contestant Lori Mae Hernandez has a hearbreaking backstory, but truly some of the sickest Trump burns we’ve heard all year.

Matt Ingebretson (Adam Devine’s House Party)

Co-creator and star of upcoming Comedy Central sitcom Hampton DeVille, Matt Ingebretson shares how he lost his virginity while watching Hocus Pocus.

Langston Kerman (Adam Devine’s House Party)

Superstar-in-training Langston Kerman takes us on a tour of his very black neighborhood.

Kyle Kinane (Conan)

Kyle Kinane celebrates the release of his latest special, Loose in Chicago, with a set lamenting the consequences of reckless living.

Matteo Lane (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

Matteo Lane’s got the body of a Greek god and the voice of Mariah Carey, and his amazing Late Night set shows off both.

Mike Lawrence vs Ralphie May (Roast Battle)

A little taste of the battle between two legendary roasters, Ralphie May and Mike Lawrence, in one of the final rounds of the Roast Battle competition that was broadcast live from Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival (Lawrence went on to win the first-ever Roast Battle Champion belt).

Jared Logan (The Late Late Show)

Showing off the staff’s talent, Late Late Show writer Jared Logan takes the stage to reminisce about NYC’s rats and explore his dad’s porn habits.

Carmen Lynch (Conan)

The brilliant Carmen Lynch links anecdotes of her awkward teen years with updates from her increasingly unhinged adulthood.

Bonnie McFarlane (The Late Show)

Long underrated comedy queen Bonnie McFarlane visits Stephen Colbert to explain why she’s not going to smile just cause you tell her to.

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